Top 7 Custom Police Bobbleheads by Omgbobbleheads

Custom bobbleheads have evolved from mere novelty items to personalized pieces of art that capture the essence of individuals and professions. Among the myriad themes available, police custom bobbleheads stand out as a tribute to the courage and dedication of law enforcement officers. In this article, we delve into the world of custom police bobbleheads by Omgbobbleheads, exploring seven exemplary designs that celebrate the valor and service of those who uphold the law.

Here are 7 Custom Police Bobbleheads by Omgbobbleheads

1.The Classic Officer Bobblehead:

A timeless representation of the quintessential police officer, this custom bobblehead exudes authority and professionalism. With meticulously crafted details such as the iconic uniform, badge, and stern yet approachable facial expression, the Classic Officer Bobblehead pays homage to the noble traditions of law enforcement. Whether displayed on a desk or shelf, it serves as a constant reminder of the selfless commitment to protect and serve.

2.K-9 Unit Bobblehead:

In honor of the invaluable contributions of K-9 units in law enforcement, Omgbobbleheads presents the K-9 Unit Bobblehead. This dynamic figurine features a police officer accompanied by a faithful K-9 companion, poised for action. With intricately sculpted details showcasing the dog’s agility and the officer’s unwavering resolve, this bobblehead symbolizes the unbreakable bond between law enforcement professionals and their canine partners.

3.Traffic Officer Bobblehead:

Directing traffic with precision and ensuring road safety, traffic officers play a crucial role in maintaining order on busy streets. The Traffic Officer Bobblehead captures this vital aspect of law enforcement, depicting an officer in reflective gear, signaling instructions with authority. From the distinctive hand gestures to the reflective vest, every detail reflects the dedication of traffic officers who keep our roads safe.

Traffic Officer Bobblehead
Traffic Police Officer Custom Bobblehead

4.SWAT Team Bobblehead:

When faced with high-risk situations demanding swift and decisive action, SWAT teams exemplify courage and expertise. The SWAT Team Bobblehead by Omgbobbleheads honors these elite units, showcasing officers equipped with tactical gear and weapons, ready to confront any threat. With its dynamic pose and attention to detail, this bobblehead pays tribute to the bravery and professionalism of SWAT team members who protect communities from harm.

5.Female Officer Bobblehead:

Top 7 Custom Police Bobbleheads by Omgbobbleheads
Female Police Officer Pose Custom Bobblehead

Diversity and representation are paramount in acknowledging the contributions of women in law enforcement. The Female Officer Bobblehead celebrates the strength and resilience of female officers, breaking stereotypes and inspiring future generations. From the uniform to the determined expression, this custom bobblehead embodies the empowerment and inclusivity within the police force.

6.Community Policing Bobblehead:

Building trust and fostering positive relationships with the community are integral to effective policing. The Community Policing Bobblehead symbolizes the collaborative efforts between officers and civilians in creating safer neighborhoods. Whether engaging in outreach programs or participating in community events, this bobblehead reflects the spirit of partnership and empathy that defines community policing initiatives.

7.Fallen Officer Memorial Bobblehead:

In solemn remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, Omgbobbleheads presents the Fallen Officer Memorial Bobblehead. This poignant tribute honors fallen heroes, preserving their memory and legacy for generations to come. With a reverent pose and a memorial plaque bearing the officer’s name, this custom bobblehead serves as a heartfelt expression of gratitude and respect.


Omgbobbleheads’ collection of custom police bobbleheads offers a meaningful way to honor the dedication, bravery, and sacrifice of law enforcement professionals. From classic representations to specialized themes, each bobblehead captures a unique aspect of police work, celebrating the valor and service of those who safeguard our communities. Whether as a personal keepsake or a thoughtful gift, these custom creations serve as enduring symbols of appreciation for the men and women who uphold the principles of justice and order.